Friday, October 15, 2010

My own FUDGING Birthday

October 14, 2010

My birthday was quiet. Quiet in a way that I didn't do anything to celebrate it, NO cake to eat, NO birthday candles to blow, NO balloons, NO one from the outside knows it's my birthday. Just few people knew. yeah, its quiet... and I was a bit happy.

October 13

I bought myself a handbag and a book, fiction. I also spent the afternoon at the mall, but I was happier when I got home. NO parents, NO elder brother, equals FREE internet!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Chickens Corrupted My System

I'm suffering right now...


I have Chicken POx that's why!

I just realize yesterday, when this Monday I keep on having headaches and feverish feeling... ish. Now I'm home waiting for my chicken pox to go away because it's already on my head, literally. It's itchy, dang I hate this... now i know what my elder sis feels when she has this.

I will miss half of my life on this freaking disease... there's the dance performance for tomorrow that I will regret forever not doing, the cooking activity that I've been waiting to do, the reporting I hope I can do. Yes, this is over reacting... tell me about it.

I'll give this two words,...


eckk!! my throat hurts, WATER!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

CUT it (so) Short

I was shocked to see my elder sis when she came back yesterday...


We came back home that noon. Elder sis told me that she wants to cut her hair because its getting longer and she's so annoyed about her hair, I once suggested to her to make it BALD.

And that afternoon, my mother insisted to cut my elder sis hair in a parlor, with me (I don't wanna cut my hair, I want it long and longer). Since I was watching Dexter on DVD, and doing my power point for my report for the next week. I didn't go with my elder sis to the parlor....

minutes or an hour later.

I turn back and see a short hair, like the hair of the blond girl in the Miss Congeniality the bff of Sandra Bullock in the movie, I'm so disturbed when my elder sis sings the "her beauty and her grace. she's queen united states...." NO OFFENCE. The color of her hair is black, OMG>>

That hair... my elder sis.

I can't imagine... but I totally saw it with my two eyeballs. She's cute with the headband on, anyways I'm not judging her hair or anything it's just hair,..

Elder sis YOU ROCK, BATO ka!!!

So now, I don't know... I'm scared to go down stairs and see her short hair. I need breakfast, what should I choose, my stomach or seeing her hair?


I'll go down, I'm just gonna ignore her short, fluffy... ARG!!! I can't take the image of her hair in my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***************************TEXT MISSING******************************************

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Don't be a CHICKEN elder sis

Last(26)last(27) night, it was AWFUL.

she's feverish, she looks pale, she's weak, her thermometer reads 35something...

My mother is worried, I'm worried that she's sick. She is denying it that she's SICK. At the dorm, I keep on going up and down the stairs to give her hot water. I keep on asking her what she needs, her meds and stuff. That Sunday those things CAME POPPING OUT (or I just noticed it on that Sunday morning), its normal to have those.

CHICKEN POX... pox...pox...*echo*

I guess she's not used to this kind of situation, she can't hug our little sis.
OH... yeah. SHE CAN'T PUNCH ME!!!!!
NO violence for me until she'll recover. I feel my arms are healing already... hehehe. BUT, I really hope MY elder sis recovers for the next week (exams).

HURRY and heal those CHICKEN Pox already.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HAPPY Birthday???

Happy Birthday!!!

I know three people celebrating their birthday on June 22. One of them celebrates with a chocolate cake that we almost throw up eating. I almost puke... TOO MUCH Chocolate. ACKk!!!

The second person was my friend and cousin, she didn't say it was her birthday she even lied about it, she said its July 22. We sing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm excited for other people's birthday but I'm not excited to my own birthday. I even lie about it too, birthdays were dangerous.


Because people greet you HAPPY birtHday.
that's annoying, me myself annoyed telling people HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

.... *puke*

I'm so tired, I'm going to sleep now.



Saturday, June 19, 2010

Little Secret from Sis

LOL to ALL!!!!

When I fall....

Maybe I shouldn't call it a fall, ACCIDENT is a right word, right???
Now... I mean last night, I ACCIDENTALLY fall on my left foot as I unthinkably go down the stairs of the double deck bed... Is that what they call it???

well, I said that I hit my foot... umm I really don't know if I'm writing this right. It really hurt, and the whole leg went numb. My elder sister was sleeping as I sit on her bed, me suffering. My dorm mates was worried, one of them helped me with my foot. THANKS A LOT!!!

They chuckled as my elder sister still sleeping after what happed to me. The next day, I acted like nothing happened last night. My dear dorm mates didn't say a thing about it to my sister, because I know she'll laugh at me because I'm clumsy, sometimes. I never thought myself as a clumsy person...

So, my feet doesn't hurt now.

now DON'T TELL my elder SISTER... this.

LOL to ALL!!!

Do You Know OBSESSka? That's a big NO

FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2010

Dear Me,
I'm Obsesska, I'm no one.
Yesterday I was scolded for talking to myself. Is that wrong? Crazy? No, no. I told myself to stop talking, but I can't help but answer back. Like...

"should I wear black shirt today?" I ask, one morning I was alone in my room. Focusing on 2 black t-shirts on both hands. the one on the left has painted picture of bella and on the right is the black psycho T-shirt "hmm... I think black is my color, what do you think??"
"yes, I don't have any nice shirts to wear anyways."
"okay, I'll wear this one!" I lift up the shirt on my right hand.

I told you so.

I asked my Elder sister if its okay to talk to yourself she said its okay. I guess I'm not the only one crazy in the family....

Don't worry Obsesska, someday all of them will join you. In the far Future... hehehe I'm joking.

I don't joke.

.... to be continued ......